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We love to give our children everyday adventures and experiences that they will remember for a lifetime, whether that be helping on our allotment, building dens in the woods with Rainbow Explorers, knitting with grandparents, or baking in the kitchen. We visit the park every day for fun games and exercise, and we take the children to Colden Common Primary School every week to get them ready for their move to ‘big’ school.

(Unfortunately, the Covid restrictions are preventing us from attending the Primary School, as soon as we are allowed, we will resume our visits.)


Every one of our children has their own keyperson that they know on first name terms to ease the transition from being at home, and we have a Special Educational Needs Coordinator too.


So if you’re looking for a preschool that feels as close to family as it can be, then please pay us a visit. We know once you meet us, you’ll want to stay.


Tracy, Charlotte, Fiona, Karen, Claire, Helen, Rachael and Laurie   xxx

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